Lace it Up!

Wearing lace used to be only for fancy occasions…not anymore. A lace accent or even a lace garment can be perfect for any event. Take a lace dress, for example. Pair it with gorgeous heels, sparkling jewelry, and you are ready to make a stunning entrance. Take that same dress, match it with great sandals, a denim jacket and boho jewelry and go enjoy that backyard BBQ. That’s what we love about lace, wear it anywhere (and anyway) and give your style that soft, feminine touch. If you like a tailored, eclectic, or even trendy look, lace works! There are so many lace garments now, go find one! We have shorts, tops, dresses, jackets, even lace trimmed boots (yes, we have those too). Come visit our Poshmark or Ebay store and start shopping today.