Meet the Perfect Couple

Can you really go without having a denim jacket and a black moto jacket in your closet? Are there really any other items that are better go-to pieces than these two? The variations on both are endless, but the style remains the same. They are great dressed up or down, with cutoffs or a LBD, at the beach or in the mountains, in the city or country. Really. Think about it. Is there anywhere or time that either of these would stand out as an odd choice?

Look right now. If you don’t have these two in your closet, it’s time to do some shopping.

And, is really one of each enough?! A dark wash denim looks great but sometimes a distressed light denim gives off that perfect casual vibe. Does the moto jacket have to be leather? No way! In fact, I scored a very packable lightweight moto jacket that goes with me on every trip. It is so light I can throw it in my purse, just in case I need it.

Get out there and find your perfect couple. In no time you'
ll see how great they are to hang out with.